TRADLOK is a scaffold system which utilises a locking device that is formed by a captive bottom cup welded to the standards at 500 mm intervals.  Ledgers, transoms and associated items have blade ends, which are located into the captive bottom cup.  A top cup is then rotated down and locked into place with a hammer blow, giving a rigid and secure connection.

The system has no loose fittings or wedges, and requires no further levelling once the base lift has been set out. It is generally faster to erect, adapt and dismantle than other system scaffolds.

TRADLOK can be used with three types of platform; the Access System uses standard 38mm thick scaffold boards, while the Omega System uses either 63mm thick timber battens or 57mm thick steel battens.

This system can be used for all types of access scaffold work, from the basic to the complex.

Quality & Compliance:

Through calculation and independent testing, the system has proved to meet or exceed all the required criteria to satisfy both BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811.

The system has passed the rigorous NASC audit process and is fully compliant with their Code of Practice.  It is also a Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS) approved system, enabling recognised training to be undertaken.

The TRADLOK System has a detailed erection guide including sections on component recognition, tying points, safe heights and safety notes.


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