TRAD Stair System


TRAD Stair Tower is an independent access stair system designed to provide safe and efficient access to on-site work locations.  The system is comprised of high quality manufactured prefabricated components and provides a flexible and versatile system which is designed for use as an independent tower, or for integration into other structures.

Utilising different sized stair flights, the Stair Tower has flexibility, allowing towers to follow progressive scaffolding / works, or to give full access where required.

The design makes the system extremely robust, with personnel loads exceeding those of alternative stair systems.

The TRAD Star Tower’s design makes it faster and simpler to build than other stair systems.

Quality & Compliance:

All components are manufactured to our design from high quality galvanised steel, with the tower conforming to all current relevant British and European Standards.  Through calculation and independent testing, the system has proved to meet or exceed all the required criteria to satisfy both BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811.

TRAD Stair Tower is tested in line with the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 series of quality management systems, and the system has passed the rigorous NASC audit process and is fully compliant with their Code of Practice.

The TRAD Stair Tower has a fully detailed erection guide including sections on component recognition, tying points, safe heights and safety notes.

TRAD Stair Tower
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