After several years, much-needed redevelopment around Reading Station – including work to reinvigorate Thames Tower – finally got underway, with TRAD Scaffolding receiving a challenging design remit and deadline from their client.

On a daily basis the concourse area directly in front of Reading Station is extremely busy, with a number of vaults surrounding Thames Tower underneath, further complicating the brief. Adding in the limited timeframe to erect the scaffold, a safe scaffolding design solution was required to quickly deliver in a high-risk environment.

With on-site storage being a concern, a neat, palletised system was preferable, one which is easily loaded and unloaded quickly and safely by truck-mounted cranes

TRAD Scaffolding drew on all of their years of experience and expertise, and to meet the client’s expectations and timescales they recognised that the speed, divisibility, strength and low component weight of the PLETTAC METRIX system was the only answer.

The scaffold was completed and handed over after only a 12 week build period, well within the planned deadline.

The work represents the first phase of redevelopment, with the building being extended by another four floors as part of the £5 billion Station Hill project.

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